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Woven tales with a chic sense of humor:
From Origami Bunnies to space-bound cats, each Centinelle design represents a blend of fiction, fantasy, memory and myth.

Cristina Rose-Guizar, founder and designer of San Francisco-based brand Centinelle, utilizes fashion and design to weave whimsical tales into silk scarves. Her vision ranges from cats being abducted to space, to roof top pool parties, to bumble bees pollinating from cherry tomatos.
In a few words, ´´fiction, fantasy, memory, and myth are what I would use to describe Centinelle scarves,” says Cristina. These four concepts mix together to inspire each magical scarf design, all with a common thread: a chic sense of humor.
“Humor is a part of my daily life, and I would like it to be a part of the lives of many others,” she notes. Cris draws inspiration from her life as a city girl with a love for animals, nature and life’s simple pleasures. While some designs are inspired by her Mexican heritage, others are influenced by her fascination with Japanese culture!

While Centinelle is often about bright colors and bold patterns, the unexpected designs bring a charm to the brand that stands out from other fashion lines.

“Some of the stories…”
Punky Donkey Unicorn -- You can be whatever you want to be! Just because you are a donkey, doesn’t mean you can’t be a unicorn!
Alcapulco On The Roof - In her college years Cristina lived away from home, studying in Mexico City. With a limited budget, she and her friend Ylenia would pretend they were at the beach by having mini pool parties on the roof of her apartment building. Fun times were had at Alcapulco beach on the roof!
Julie’s bumble bees - With the decreasing bee population, Cristina’s friend Julie took action by placing a beehive in her backyard. This scarf pattern is inspired by Julie sighting the bees extracting tomato pollen from her cherry tomato plant.


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