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The fruit medley recipe for a life full of neon!

Life is a color fest, I think if you’re a Centinelle loyal fan you can agree with me that specially lately, we need more color and flavor in our lives. 

Colors and flavors are directly related, we associate certain colors with certain flavors based on what seems “natural.”

Different foods feature many different colors. As a result, we form connections between specific colors and corresponding flavors. Depending on culture and past experiences, you might assume that a red drink is cherry, strawberry, cranberry or even tomato-flavored — but you probably wouldn’t assume it tastes like peach. Due to the assumptions we make about flavor, color and taste perception are closely linked.

Different colors affect taste in various ways. Foods with a bright red color can increase perceptions of sweetness and decrease perceptions of bitterness,  so colors are often tied to flavors, like for example fruits and all related to their deliciousness!

Centinelle feels specially delicious these days with the release of our latest collaboration with the talented and kind, Australian-based artist and illustrator  Liv Lee . Her signature style features wonky interpretations of plants, flowers and fruit, that inspire happiness and evoke nostalgia.

Working mostly with gouache, Liv draws inspiration from her local surroundings and the interesting forms, textures and shapes of Australian native flora.

So while I needed an excuse to brag about our awesome new collaboration, here’s the recipe to what my grandma called: “The fruit medley recipe for a life full of neon!”

fruit medley by liv lee for Centinelle Fruit Medley by Liv Lee - Silk Large Scarf 


Ingredients for your fresh fruit medley:

2 sliced pink bananas 

You’re going to want to choose them fresh. Bananas are fun tropical fruits that go well with your outgoing personality. They’re sweet, nutritious and full of good vibes. They’re not perfect, and when left forgotten, they get a little dark on the inside. Keep them fresh and alive in your life.

bananas bandana by liv lee for centinelle

Pink Bananas by Liv Lee - Cotton Silk Bandana


1 cup of frozen Blue berries

To add that sour sweet contrast to your mix. Blue berries are rich in antioxidants, helping you boost your immune system. Sprinkle your outfits with this ingredient so that you never go out and about without your dose of Vitamin C.

 blue berries bandana by liv lee for Centinelle

Blue Berries by Liv Lee - Cotton Silk Bandana


1 cup of sliced Rockmelon

Rockmelon (also known as cantaloupe) is great for adding that mysterious flavor to your fruit medley. This ingredient is for those who like to show off strong on the outside, but leave the sweetness on the inside. Anyone who eats or wears Rockmelon definitely has a funky and wonky yet easy-going vibe.

 bananas bandana and rockmelon scarf by liv lee for centinelleRockmelon by Liv Lee - Silk Medium Scarf  


1 Tablespoon of freshly squeezed style juice

This ingredient doesn’t come across that easily in life. Most people live their lives looking for it. But don’t worry, if you’re here, you’ve got some of this in your pantry. Just go in and take a look. Squeeze it, and why not scream while doing so? You have permission to let out your feelings while you’re cooking. Some of us prefer to dance and sing though. No judgments ;)

liv lee

Bananas Hair Claw by Liv Lee 


Pour some neon icing (the more the merrier)

To finish off your delicious new fruit medley, add some neon icing on it. You deserve to treat yourself. 

Now follow these cooking instructions:

  • Mix up your servings to the amounts that feel right for you.
  • Have fun with the blender and turn your medley into a smoothie if you fancy it.
  • Place all ingredients into your life in your favorite bowl or cup.
  • Eat up or drink up. Repeat this process with your taste of style.

Important rules before serving:

  • Do not take ingredients from people that don’t add value to your life. Your bowl can only carry a certain amount of fruits. So choose wisely what you add to your plate.
  • Stop eating the same ingredients that don’t make you feel better. If you’re tired of apples, get rid of them please!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Open minds can open so many possibilities and doors into your life.

 Buy the recipe ingredients here! 



Dressing up for life is what makes it taste delicious

So there you have it. Now you know my grandma’s recipe for this fruit medley. Since I shared it with you, I want to ask you one huge favor: dress up for life. 

meerkat bananas bandana by liv lee for centinelle


Whether that means looking like a unicorn or just wearing your favorite ingredients, it’s your turn to share this recipe with the rest of the world, so what will it be? I can’t wait to taste it.

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