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What delicious fruit are you?! Find Out!

You are what you eat. 

Your personality has been steeping in flavor like hot jasmine tea your entire life. When you’re rubbing shoulders with your favorite people, you take in a little piece of them. You’re a delicious, hand-curated blend of every person you’ve ever loved, every situation that’s ever challenged you, and everything you’ve ever been inspired by. 

And now, you’re you. So who’s that? 

You’re a unique fruit. There are colors associated with you, flavors you aspire to be, and maybe even some dangerous qualities – and they’re all different. 

We want it all: the good, the rotten, and the not-ripe-yet. 


Rockmelons are tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, and full of surprises.

 They’re also known as cantaloupe. If you’re anything like rockmelon, you go with the flow, and can’t be bothered by what other people think.

Other people can’t define you – only you can. And if you know anything, you know life is all about rocking out and doing things your way.

There’s no replacement for your unique rockmelon vibe. You know that part of the fun of living is surprising people, and that in life, you never have to blend in! ;)


rockmelon cantaloupe hair claw liv lee centinelle

Rockmelon by Liv Lee - Hair Claw

Bananas are always lifting others up. 

Want to know why? 

Bananas are a classic for good reason. They make everything else better – they’re all about lifting other flavors up and shining together, never putting anyone else down. 

Just think of all the possibilities: strawberry banana smoothie, mango banana bowls, even (gasp!) bananas and peanut butter are a supreme combo. 

If you feel like you and banana come from the same bunch, you know that you can be amazing on your own. Confidence is an amazing thing, and it helps you make everyone around you better, too. 

It might be a little hard to peel back your layers and get to everything that makes you truly special, but it’s always worth it. 


Pink Bananas by Liv Lee - Cotton Silk Bandanna.


Strawberries can be tart, sweet, or any combination of the two, depending on how they feel. 

Strawberries can be a little sensitive, but everyone loves them. 

In the right conditions, they’re mouth-meltingly sweet, juicy, and bright red. On other days though, they’re sour sweet! 

 Even the tartest strawberry deserves a chef’s kiss when it’s atop a little ice cream. 

So if you’re anything like strawberries, you know you have your ups and downs. But in the end, your invisible charm and inner kindness always speaks to people.



Strawberries and Foxes Collection by Centinelle



Raspberries aren’t always purple, and they can be a splash of fun in anyone’s life.

They’re a little mysterious, but they love to stay together in groups. It would be very odd to find a raspberry alone, so if you’re anything like this delicious fruit, you’re the type of gal who’s always connecting people together.

Raspberries are your go-to ingredient in the fridge for adding flavor to desserts, toppings, and yummy recipes.

You’re sweet and delicious, and friendly is your middle name.


Raspberry Medley Collection by Centinelle



If none of those fruits felt 100% you, maybe you’re the cherry on top.

Last but not least, we’ve got the lightly tart, all-time favorite: the cherry. 

Cherries have got a huge heart – one that can get a little dangerous if it’s not treated right. 

They’re often seen with other fruits of all kinds, complementing each other in all the right ways. 

Cherries deserve every bit of popularity they get, from classic candies to dinner party snacks to everyone’s favorite pie. Good things come to those who taste incredible. 

Find Cherries and other juicy fruits on Blue Berries Bandana by Liv Lee 👇


Blue Berries by Liv Lee - Silk Large Square Scarf.



Good taste works in mysterious ways. 

Getting to know your own personal style means tasting every sweet, unexpected, tart flavor out there. 

Life is about understanding that there is no perfect recipe. It’s about being messy, making kitchen disasters, and experiencing fun new combinations that you’ve never tried before.

Don’t be afraid to try fruits that are new to you, and always be open to adding new flavors to your plate.

The fun and excitement is there waiting for you to discover more versions of yourself you never knew existed.

Oh, and when it’s time to express it, let your colors fly with your wardrobe and bring your own one-of-a-kind, sweet flavor to the world. 

We are going to be on West Coast Craft 11 and 12 of June with a super juicy show exclusive release ! Stay Tuned!


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