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10 Unique Whimsical Gifts for Every Wild Personality

Don’t panic — you’re just in time to start looking for the perfect whimsical gifts. 

The season of giving is fast approaching, and you’re already thinking hard about what your friends and family will love most. We’re right there with you, so we put together a list of 10 whimsical gifts for the fashionable free thinker in your life. 

Nobody’s born knowing how to pick a meaningful gift. The trick is to put yourself in their shoes. As silly as it sounds, make sure you’re buying for them, not for you — pick items and styles that they’ll love, even if it’s only your second favorite. 

The best part of unique personality gifts for friends is that you picked it out just for them. Unsure about where to start? Look no further. 

1- For the bubbly one-of-a-kind cat lover in your life.

Our unique CAT CLOWN design reflects the essence of someone fun, creative and not afraid of color. It’s the perfect gift for that unique personality that brightens any room with laughter. Oh and no judgments if you buy this person a matching set for, you guessed it, their furry friend.

If you came here looking for whimsical gift ideas, it doesn’t get more on the nose than this!

cat clown scarf collection


Shop our CAT CLOWN in Large Silk, Medium Silk or Twilly

2- For the elegant and eccentric style

Our homes are where we spend most of our time nowadays, so surprise your eccentric friend with our PLANTS AND CATS Cotton Embroidered Cushion Cover that will spark a little joy, show off their good taste, and keep it cozy and cute. After all home cushions are the exclamation point of a home’s style.

plants and cats cotton cushion cover


Shop our PLANTS AND CATS - Cotton Embroidered Cushion Cover

3- For those who sometimes live in outer space 

We all know someone who has a wild mind. The creative soul who sometimes travels to a different dimension, and then centers back to Earth and tells you something like: “what were you saying?”. There’s nothing wrong with day dreaming, we do it all the time, so our CAT ABDUCTION Scarf can definitely reflect something unique going on in someone’s mind.

cat abduction neon scarf and bandana

Shop our CAT ABDUCTION in Large Silk, Medium Silk or Cotton Bandana

We’re all cat people here. Shop our Cat Lovers collection for throws, accessories, and timeless silks.

4- For the outfit repeater seeking effortless style

Have you ever wanted to gift the feeling of wearing an outfit that’s athleisure-level comfy and runway-level gorgeous? It’s real, and you can. 

Our ethical loungewear is designed to be versatile to the extreme. Dress it up for brunch, down for sleep, and never once have to unbutton your pants to sit down. This is perfect for your sustainability-minded companion on the hunt to create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Mix and match our cotton pants and tops. Wear them together or wear them apart. These make the perfect PJ set, toss on a pair of heels and a fit sweater and they’re your next party outfit, or wear them with sneakers and a crop tee for a casual Sunday walk. 

Centinelle Loungewear


Shop our Sustainable Loungewear

5- For the vegan or Earthy gal. 

There’s no better way to stand for what you believe in than by wearing your beliefs all together. Gift these gorgeous conversation starters to catch even more eyes at the farmers market. 

Wearing your values goes beyond wearing ethically sourced, sustainably made silk and cotton. Sometimes, it means wearing broccolini. A love of stylishly arranged, beautifully designed vegetables means taking a very serious stand, and we’re here for it. Down-to-earth like a beet and sharp as a turnip, any veggie-slinging marketeer would be more than glad to wear their veggies.



Shop our BROCCOLINI  in Medium Silk, Cotton Bandana or Twilly


6- For the wholesome, sweet, and achingly cute

Our RASPBERRY MEDLEY looks good on anyone looking to showcase their sweetness and unique style. This design reflects that you’re not afraid to stand out but you like to keep it soft and charming.

raspberry medley scarf collection


Shop our RASPBERRY MEDLEY in Large Silk, Medium Silk, Cotton Bandana or Twilly

7- For the vintage fashionista with a humorous twist

Fun cushion covers say much about your taste for style. These are perfect for the vintage advocate who’s not afraid to style them inside their home for decades to come. You’ll get a sense of meow every time you invite someone in.

cat clown cushion cover

Shop our CAT CLOWN Embroidered Cushion Cover

8- For the quirky and adventurous soul

Sometimes, all the things that make our loved ones uniquely great just can’t be expressed in one hobby or interest. For the friend that loves anything a little out there, completely unique, and smile-splittingly fun, check out some of our very favorite one-of-a-kind designs. 

Based on a real memory and place in Kawaguchiko, this pedal boat design breathes life into the feeling of whimsical childhood nostalgia. Gift that feeling to someone who needs it and let them drape themselves in an aura of fun and good fashion.

pedal boats in japan


Shop our PEDAL BOATS IN JAPAN , scarves and bandana 

9- For the playful and active style

Give your friend a reason to smile by gifting our LINGONBERRY CANDY BUNNIES reminding them that he or she has a vivid personality that never stops enjoying life in all it’s colors. This design reflects a jolly, mischievous and exuberant personality that’s not afraid to keep on jumping.

lingonberry candy bunnies silk scarf collection


Shop our LINGONBERRY CANDY BUNNIES in Large Silk, Medium Silk, or Cotton Bandana 

10- For the modern one with different mood swings

Our DIPSEA TRAIL MUSHROOMS is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a classy accessory that has enough simplicity. This design reflects a blend of colors inspired by mushrooms giving the wearer a psychedelic vibe that can be worn on top of anything, no matter how many times you change your mind about what to wear.

 dipsea trail mushrooms


Shop our DIPSEA TRAIL MUSHROOMS in Large Silk, Medium Silk, or Twilly 

Gift giving is a love language 

Giving gifts goes so far beyond just buying someone an item. 

For some people, gift giving is a love language that makes them feel appreciated. It’s less about the gift, and more about them knowing that you’ve carefully reflected on what they’d like and that you pay attention. 

How well do you know your friends? For the statement-piece-searchers, the always-fashionable party-goers, the makes-hungover-brunch-look-good types in your life, these unique whimsical gifts are sure to please. 

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