Unique scarves and fine goods sprinkled with fantasy, memory & myth, illustrated by hand & based in California, born in Mexico City.


Hola! Welcome to my little brand Centinelle! founded by me, Cristina Rose-Guizar, in 2010 in Mexico city and  in 2015 moved to San Francisco Bay Area California.  

Started as a playful experiment to take the foulard from fussy to fun. Inspired by fantasy, memory and myth, I began illustrating by hand unique, colorful and whimsical designs. 

Overtime we started to expand and added a variety of fine goods, like hair accessories and socks, occasionally, as a hyper designer I drop a limited time line, like loungewear or home goods, stay always tuned or you could miss it ;)

Why Centinelle?... My nickname among my friends in Mexico city is Chispa, that means sparkle... wanted to named the brand Chispa, but  the name was already taken , buuu, so Centella  is a synonym and ended up mutating into CENTINELLE , and here we are !  

My designs are influenced by my Mexican heritage (I am born and raised in Mexico City), my home Northern California, my obsession with Japan, my love for animals and all those little simple things that make me smile. I consider myself a “hybrid” between a city girl and an avid nature lover.  

Every Centinelle Scarf Has a story. 


Centinelle scarves are sourced in luxurious silk, printed with eco-friendly dyes and readily biodegradable after its useful life so has a very low environmental impact.  Each scarf can be passed generation to generation and becomes a vintage piece on your wardrobe.  

Plus we send our goods on  minimal and recyclable packaging,  we practice paperless invoicing unless requested otherwise. We can all do a little to minimize waste and enjoy the majesty of nature and the small pleasures of life! 

Giving back with every sale!  Eden Reforestation ProjectsWild Farm Alliance and the ASPCA lab animals program.  

Centinelle is sold at SF MOMA, Prelude & Dawn, Nest Sf, Portland Art Museum, Omoi Zakka Shop, Nooworks, Heirloom Art Co, Crush and Touch… among 150 retailers in the USA , some in Japan and  a few others in Europe

We have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Vogue Taiwan and Forbes to name a few.