Fine goods sprinkled with fantasy, memory & myth, illustrated by hand & based in California, born in Mexico City.

Tomato hair barrettes and cowboy on horse.

Who is Behind Centinelle?

Hola! Cristina Guizar, Mexican Fashion designer, is behind the organic and fresh goods brand, Centinelle, founded in 2010 in Mexico city, now based in California.

Her heritage, vegetarian lifestyle, her home, Northern California and her love for traveling are the inspiration for the beautiful and elegant pieces, her love for animals and all those little simple pleasures in life that make you smile.

Why Centinelle?... Her nickname while living in Mexico city was “Chispa”, (sparkle in Spanish)… wanted to named the brand “Chispa”, but  the name was already taken , buuu, so “Centella”  is a synonym and ended up mutating into CENTINELLE , and here we are!  

cristina, centinelle's founder and designer at studio, wearing Tomatoes cotton silk bandana in red and pink

Our Commitment

Centinelle is invested on making a difference and bringing attention to environmental issues and a healthy lifestyle with Cristina’s creations. Our products materials and packaging have a small foot print.

We give back with every sale! We donate part of our proceedings to:

 Eden Reforestation ProjectsWild Farm Alliance and the ASPCA lab animals program.  

Our mission is to create sustainable, fun and timeless, affordable luxury goods.

Centinelle is sold at SF MOMA, Free People, Prelude & Dawn, Nest Sf, Portland Art Museum, Omoi Zakka Shop, Nooworks, Heirloom Art Co, Crush and Touch… among 200 retailers in the USA , some in Japan and  a few others in Europe