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3 Ways to Style Hair Accessories This Summer


 Add some personality to your wardrobe this summer with unique, bold hair accessories.

Summer is all about pops of color, personality, and living your best life. Style hair clips and hair claws with your mood to keep your favorite outfits feeling fresh. 

Have you ever woken up feeling unmotivated and just kind of… blah? It happens. But when you muster up the energy to put on the ‘fit you feel best in, even just to head to your favorite cafe and look busy, it can make all the difference between groggy and gorgeous. 

Your look even changes how you feel, and a carefully curated vibe makes a killer first impression. Plus, it’s fun. Hairstyles are versatile, and can change in the blink of an eye. Switching up your hair is truly the perfect way to shake it up while staying true to you.

Those finishing touches are what take good taste to great, and your favorite accessories say a lot about you. Hair accessories are no exception. 

Live your vibrant truth and join us in the jump into new styles!

1. You’re effortlessly cool, and wear Minty checkers Barrettes & Turnip Up hair barrete to keep those too-busy-to-blow dry bangs out of your eyes. 

centinelle turnip and minty checkers hair clips barrettes, hair accessories

Shop our Minty Checkers & Turnip Up barrette.

This hairstyle shouts that you’re cool, casual, and always down for an adventure. Someone who loves keeping up with underground current styles, and isn’t afraid to do something different. You’re that trendsetter that inspires others to do the same, and you have the perfect accessories to do it. 

Plus, styling your hair clips this way helps keep your hair healthy. 

Did you know that washing your hair less frequently helps your hair’s natural oils? In the end, it actually gets less greasy, and healthier to boot, since you’re skipping the chemicals. Dry shampoo and some effortless styling makes hair health look chic! And you rock it so well. 

2. You love to make a statement with standout unique pieces, and you’re always ready to talk to people. 

Centinelle Poppy Flower Hair BarretteShop our Poppy Flower barrette. 

You don’t need to say a lot to make an impact. 

Go for big, a little weird, and feel your best with a wearable conversation starter. One bold, unique barrette shows your confidence and your ability to go into any room and steal the show. Make it the statement piece of your hairstyle and really let your hair down! 

3. Hair claws give the impression of carefree, but self-aware. This style is perfect for ditching the damaging flat iron and embracing a cool, effortless , bun style! 

Shop our Strawberries Hair Claw

Use unique  hair claws to hold your classic, perfectly tousled messy bun in place while showing your style. Classic doesn’t mean boring. You can rock this look at a dinner party, and then head to your girls night right after. Your style is timeless, your hair claws are fresh and exciting, and you’re the perfect lady - and a wild card. Don't forget can also mix and match with our cotton silk bandanas ! 

Style hair accessories your way this summer. 

We’re here to help you break out your best looks this year. 

Coming out of lockdown, you might not feel like the same person you were when you started. Your style changed and you want to show off your fresh start. We get it.

But you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel like a brand new you. We shared some tips on looking chic without breaking the bank, and accessorizing well is a huge part of that. 

Seize this unique moment and shout out your personality with your style choices. We’re here to help with our vibrant hair clips. The best part? No plastics involved. They’re fully biodegradable, so you can style our hair clips and feel good about yourself and your choices. 

For more style tips and ethical accessorizing, subscribe to our newsletter. Now get out there and rock it this summer. 

Thank you Christina Pene for the beautiful blog cover picture! @christinapene

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