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Big Cats Need a Tropical Holiday this Spring!

Hello!, my name is Cristina Rose-Guizar some of you already know a little bit about me, some of you not yet. I am the designer and founder of Centinelle, luxury goods brand illustrated by hand  by me, based in San Francisco California.

I love animals, nature, and the small pleasures of life, I consider myself a “hybrid” between a city girl and an avid nature lover. The lively and inspiring environment of the city and my fascination with Earth’s natural beauty has led me to create the majority of my designs.

Fantasy, memory, and myth are the three words I would select to describe Centinelle. These three words are the core of the magical mix that inspires me to design as well as inform the main narratives behind the brand, and for sure humor is always important, to make you smile is a priority. I want you to have as much fun wearing them as I do designing it!

I am from Mexico City, where I studied fashion design. I love the aesthetics of Japanese culture which inspires my work deeply. My Mexican heritage also sneaks into my designs along with cats, big cats, small cats, cats on objects, vintage cats, modern cats, any cats!

This season I realised that I've been in California for 3 years, and with this spring collection the influence is clear; popcorn, hula hoop retro girls, organic veggies and palm trees of course with my favorite subject, cats! A big cat specifically, a leopard on tropical holiday wearing a floaty, cause I feel that everyone need a tropical holiday this spring!

The cherry on top of the cake, Amy Roiland @afashionnerd, a fabulous style blogger and sunglasses designer based in LA, is joining Centinelle´s spring campaign with her cat superstar Davos Gucci @davosgucci. I thought would be so much fun cause I think we share similar sense of humor and both of us suffer from ailurophilia (a fondness or love for cats or other felines). 

Centinelle playful foulards are mainly a style accessory, with  luxury hand rolled edges finish to make a piece that becomes a collector's item. With unexpected prints and colors but also can be framed and displayed on your wall as art, to decorate your coffee table and makes the perfect special gift.

Centinelle is not only a luxury band, I want to make a positive impact. So each collection that was launched included a campaign to donate to the causes that matter to me.

And this launch will be not different! For each purchase at  followed by an  IG post featuring the scarf with the hashtag #tropicalbigcats Centinelle will donate $ 1 to Cat Haven Project Survival, wild animal park for exotic species dedicated to the preservation of wild cats.

Hope to see you on IG on a super cute post wearing one of my scarves!

xoxo, thanks for reading!


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