Centinelle at  L'Officiel: One Day in Chinatown - centinelle

Centinelle at L'Officiel: One Day in Chinatown

lofficiel centinelle bandana
A fusion of exotic and gloss
Full editorial:

In the middle of the last century, Chinese women of fashion demonstrated an amazing talent for combining the European bourgeois spirit, American glamor and the authentic luxury of the empire. Saturated ornaments, lush flowers bloomed on dresses of new-look silhouettes, and the girls curled silk black curls in the latest Hollywood fashion. At the same time, they were strikingly successful in the laid-back elegance of Paris. The fusion of exoticism and gloss is still relevant today and becomes even more spectacular. 

centinelle Poppy and Polka cats bandana on model at Lofficiel editorial


Yumi Katsura top, Raohost skirt, Orseund Iris corset, Lenshina Nchami belt, Mona Jewelry chain, The Sock Man tights, Jak & Fox earrings, Centinelle scarf 


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