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Here’s the Secret to Stepping out of Your Closet Looking Like a Unicorn

Color matters in more ways than one. 

Every time you open your closet you have the chance to step into feeling different emotions. You always feel best when wearing your favorite color, but have you ever wondered why that is? 

Choosing colors for mood plays such a vital role in how you express your personality. And adding pops of colors to your wardrobe doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to be all neutrals. Life is about exploration, finding the fun out of the blue, and adding excitement to regular days. That’s where color truly comes in, in all its forms. 

At Centinelle, bright beautiful color is our specialty. So no matter how you want to feel, we’ve got something to spark your creativity or calm you down, or make you smile, or drag that playful fashionista out of the closet and into the runway called life.

Bring out the basic blue when you’re feeling dreamy, peaceful or need to chill.

Blue calms your nervous system. It’s associated with the sky, with childhood, with open expanses of peace. No one sailing in a ship across the ocean looks at a bright blue sky and goes “oh no, not this again.”

Feel the chill with our PERSIMMONS AND SNOW MONKEYS IN YUDANAKA silk scarf. 


Hang out with your inner Gaia with greens and earth tones when you feel like mother nature.

There’s a reason green makes you feel like taking a hike. It balances you, calming you down kind of like blue, and it’s perfect for when your kindness and generosity is overflowing. 

Just pull out the green vibe as a physical reminder of when you need to nurture something in your life and wear our BROCCOLINI silk scarf if you want a stylish excuse to feel grounded to nature.


When you need to pump up your energy, wear tomato...or red.

Red is the color of passion, excitement, and enthusiasm! It pumps up your energy, getting you amped to explode with bright, fiery joy (disclaimer: or get in a fight). We’re not just saying that – science shows that red makes you more alert, which is why it’s used for stop signs.

Red is one of the most visible colors on the spectrum, so grab some attention and put some pep in your step with our Tomatoes Hair Claw. 

Shop Tomatoes Hair Claw

Black is for the bold, wear it when you want to feel confident and in control.

When you’re ready to get what you want, black is basic, but never boring. Elevate it with the right pop of color, toss on a pair of contrasting heels and a handbag, and look at yourself in the mirror when you feel unstoppable. Trust me, it works!

Excel your black with our PINEBERRY cotton top. 

Pineberry top


Transition from uninspired to creative overflow when wearing purple.

Purple is a creative color! It gets your mind going, and is associated with mystery and wealth. For the ups and downs of when you need to unblock your thoughts, take purple out of your wardrobe and get your creative juices flowing with our RASPBERRY MEDLEY. 


Celebrate yourself as much as you need by wearing pink to feel self-love on repeat. 

Pink is there for you for feeling girly, loving, flirty, and experiencing the fantasy of life. It makes you feel content and happy, which is something we could all use sometimes so remember that pink is there for your daily dose when you need a real-life fairytale mood outfit. 

Luckily you can bring the fairytale to life with creative accessories like our pink Strawberries and Foxes Twilly Skinny Scarf. 


Wearing colors for your mood is all about making them part of your signature style and owning them.

We all have different personalities, and sometimes you just need a little extra help to catch the right vibe. Whether you believe in the energy of colors, the good vibes or not, at Centinelle we’re all about making fashion your unique statement. 

If you consistently feel like you’re missing out on a color for mood that you need, just build it into your signature style in 5 easy steps. Create your favorite color palette, and hurtle towards your perfect balance. Don’t be afraid to mix accent colors, there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to fashion, and if there were, we’d probably be guilty for creating cat-obsessed designs or collections inspired fresh from the farmer’s market, so remember that fashion should never define who you are, you get to choose how you want to express yourself through fashion. 

May colors be your channel for bringing out the craziest, most fashionable and confident version of yourself. 

At Centinelle, we think about fashion differently. For more unique tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter. 

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