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How to Make Sustainable Loungewear Work for Your Capsule Wardrobe


In the age of fast fashion, we’re rethinking what it means to be fashionable.

In a society that values consumption, we’re led to believe that the more you own, the better - but maybe it’s time to recognize that less is more. Forward-thinkers are creating stunning, ethical, capsule wardrobes, and our sustainable loungewear is the cherry on top. 

Maybe we should introduce ourselves. At Centinelle, we’re bringing you the best in fun, sustainable fashion.

I believe that at the heart of every good wardrobe are forever-pieces: articles that will stay in style forever, and last long enough to make that a reality. 

Keeping up with the ever-changing twists and turns of the fast fashion industry is exhausting and unnecessary, and now the philosophy of capsule wardrobes is changing the way we shop. 

Capsule wardrobes contain versatile, well-made pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion and, most importantly, never go out of style. 

At Centinelle, our mission is to help you add the perfect pieces to your capsule wardrobe by bringing you ethically made, sustainable, chic accessories and loungewear. Our eco-dyed pieces are made out of cotton, silk, or plant-based cellulose acetate - never plastic. We also do our best to reduce waste in our packaging, going paperless whenever we can, and we always keep it recyclable. 

Bold elegance and fun doesn’t have to come at a cost - our materials, eco-dyes, and packaging are all centered around ethical sustainability. We also partner with 1% For The Planet, making sure part of all our profits go towards cleaning up our earth. 

Why cotton and silk?

Cotton and silk can be ethically sourced (like ours), and last long enough to become vintage pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. In essence, they’re the perfect materials to build up a beautiful capsule wardrobe. They’re breathable, classic materials that can be worn anywhere, and hold up in the wash unlike cheap fast fashion items. 

They’re also better for the environment and your skin. So much fast fashion is made from non-breathable fabrics that contain plastic, like polyester - which creates up to three-quarters of the microplastic pollution in the Arctic. 

Microplastics are wreaking havoc on our environment, and so much of it comes from places we’d never think to look. Our clothing choices have a real impact on the sustainability of our planet, and making the switch to smarter, more ethical fabrics can help change the course of the future. 

Our new sustainable loungewear breathes confidence and style at every turn. 

The most important part of building a capsule wardrobe is versatility. We started by taking the foulard from fussy to fun, and our silk scarves and accessories are one-size-fits-all and endlessly wearable. Scarves can tame flyaways when used as headbands, held on with our adorable clips, or add a touch of chic as an ascot. Pattern-matching is in, and our designs are intended to complement any outfit. 

We’re also incredibly excited to build on this foundation with a new line of sustainable loungewear! It’s comfy, chic, and - most importantly - versatile. Our loungewear can be worn from bedroom to brunch, because styling is everything.

loungewear centinelle 

Loungewear makes adorable standalone outfits when relaxing at home, but we design ours with the intention of making a statement outside the house as well. Mix and match the pieces with different blazers, tops, or jeans to create effortless outfits. 

sprinkly cotton loungewear sustainable

When you incorporate pieces into your capsule wardrobe that can be worn in multiple settings, it allows you to make the most of your closet without having to buy additional items. So many people are now choosing quality over quantity, and we do our best to make that choice easy.

Feel yourself in Centinelle, a brand that brings empowerment to your wardrobe. 

Our playful, punchy patterns and sustainable loungewear originate in the mind of founder Cristina Rose-Guizar, a Mexican-American designer who brings a fresh take on fashion and fun. Inspired by Japanese design, she’s laser-focused on bringing confidence to the table and empowering every woman’s personal sense of style. 

We also make it easy to make the ethical choice in our partnership with 1% For The Planet. For more about choosing sustainability, Subscribe to our Newsletter. 

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