Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Elevate Mom's Style with the Best Hair Accessories +

As Mother's Day approaches, nothing spells thoughtfulness like a carefully chosen gift that reflects your mom’s personal style. If your mom loves to keep her hair game strong, why not delight her with a gift that's both fashionable and practical?

Upgrade her accessory drawer with the latest hair adornments that promise to be the crowning glory of her day-to-day ensembles. From luxe ribbon silk scarves, and bandana head scarf to bespoke hair claw and clip pieces, and a bonus knit tote bag...we've got you covered with Mother's day gift ideas that are all about the best hair accessories for your stylish mom.


1.- For the Classic and Chic: A Twilly Ribbon Silk Scarf, for a sleek ponytail or a trendy retro headband, 60s style, like in out last trends blog, Big Hair and Silk Scarves | 60s Glamour is Back...  would complement her daily look with elegance and ease.

twilly ribbon silk scarf on a ponytail



2.- For the Bold and Vibrant: Consider a set of neon hair claws to align with her colorful wardrobe and playful spirit. You probably know already that our hair accessories are Neon-Flavored and are the perfect gift for a modern and cool mom.


 glowing chard red and green hair claw mohawk hairstyle


3.-For the Earthy and Natural: Our plants, flowers and animal theme accessories might mirror her connection with nature and her penchant for organic beauty. At Centinelle we have the most amazing and delicate nature inspired womens accessories for mom.

cherry blossoms twilly ribbon silk scarf as neck tie with hair clip



4.- A Bonus Gift: Knit Tote Bags: Versatile knit tote bag for a casual and fun look! Can be carried it on shoulders comfortably, mom would love these!

Beautiful, fresh and juicy, tomatoes knit bag for the perfect spring look!


Each of these accessories can not only enhance her style but also convey your understanding of her unique personality.

Keep exploring for the perfect gift that matches your mom's style the best, here at

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