RACHEL HANON :  Beachy  Coney Island, Fashion Photoshoot - centinelle

RACHEL HANON : Beachy Coney Island, Fashion Photoshoot

This shoot was a dream come true! I had never been to Coney Island before and I had been planning to make a trip down there since last summer, but it just never happened. Luckily, I got into contact with the fashion and lifestyle bloggers Shelcy and Christy (@nycxclothes on social) right when they were planning a 60s & 70s inspired look. We decided to have the photo shoot at Coney Island because it gave off that perfect vintage beachy vibe. This was one of my first forays into editorial fashion content and I can't wait to keep working on projects like this one.

The Look: Shelcy and Christy are wearing blush and nude suede ensembles from Zara, gorgeous MINOUX jewelry, and silk scarves from Centinelle. Check out their youtube channel here and their instagram here


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