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Scream Fun and Flirty With These Hairstyle Trends for Galentine’s Day

When it comes to love, there are no rights or wrongs.

What better way to embrace sustainable fashion than getting excited about looking good for your loved ones? Getting into hairstyle trends, colors, and your unique sense of style means you’ll never get bored. 

Your hair is an extension of your wild, wacky self. You don’t have to throw your hair in a ponytail every day (but that’s so valid), you can channel your sophistication, your eccentric side, your bright bold beautiful self. You can be anything you want.

Just choose your favorite of these hairstyle trends and get your romantic mood on for Galentine’s day. 


Make he or she drop the jaw with stacking barrettes on one side. 

Pull your hair back on one side. Rock that middle part, show you mean business, pin it down, and move on with your life. You’ve got stuff to do, and you’re too busy to worry about it (or at least that’s what you’ll tell them). 

Jaw-length bobs are all in and they’re here to stay, so there’s no better way to twist an ordinary hairstyle into something special like this:

Choose clips that showcase who you are and what you do – bring a little fun into the world while looking so, so good. 

Express your inner fire and feelings with the right braid. 

It’s not impossible to braid your own hair. Bring the excitement with some scarves, adding a pop of color to your hair and a special moment. You’ve got an inner fire that’s all your own, you’re determined, and you’re here to show that. 

Learn how to do the impossible: here’s a simple video for 5 easy scarf hairstyles to do yourself.  

Pin a half ponytail with the right amount of chic.

No need to overdo it here, messy hair never goes out of style. When you pull your hair up, you’ve got that wow factor. You’re ready for an adventure, and you never say no to a good time that could turn into a great story.

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your playful energy and your heart full of wanderlust.  

Boring isn’t in your vocabulary. Look the part. 

You’re not perfect. You’re better than that – you’re you. So dressing up for a special occasion is all about channeling that love into your personal style.

These hairstyle trends are all just one step closer to saying I love me and I love you. Get fun, colorful, bright, and bold with your hair and accessories, just like you do in the rest of your life. 

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