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SPRING SUMMER TRENDS: Veggie Superstars!

The delicious spring summer trends path for bikini season!





When it comes to nutrition, cauliflower is a superstar. It's high in vitamins C and K. Cauliflower means “cabbage flower” because it is a flower that has not fully developed.

 Cauliflower is part of the Brassica genus family, which means it’s related to brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale! While it can be found year-round, it peaks in the fall and spring.

Just in time for delicious and nutritious recipes to reach your goals for bikini season!


Pink Cauliflower silk scarf, hot pink, neon pink, headscarf

Trends: Hot pink colors combined with chartreuse green, is a strong trend for spring summer, if you are not the full color type a tiny touch of color with your Pink Cauliflower Medium silk scarf, is more than enough to be there with the trend.



Rainbow chard

Is Rainbow Chard a superstar or a Superfood?

Well as it turns out, chard is a superfood and one of the healthiest veggies on planet earth. 100 grams of chard will give you 3 times the amount of vitamin K you need per day.And guess what?! Is also gorgeous, and you’ll look gorgeous too eating it or wearing it!


Glowing Chard Cotton Silk Bandana hot pink and red

Trends: Green keeps dominating the fashion trends, its been here for a while and doesnt seem to go anywhere anytime soon... so green and hot pink are one of the best color combos you can rock this Spring summer... Get your Glowing Chard Cotton Silk Bandana  or for more versatility get the Glowing  Glowing Chard Medium Silk scarf or Glowing Chard Large Silk Scarf  with the ones you can even wear it as a luxurious top to got out on a warm summer night! 





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