Palm Royale Headscarf bandana

Big Hair and Silk Scarves: ‘60s Glamour is Back

The 1960s silk hair Accessories trend revival  'Palm Royal'  and 'Priscilla' style.

by Viv Chen @vivthemole 

Spring is officially underway, so we’re packing our wool beanies and knit balaclavas away and busting out dainty hair ribbons and silk scarves. 

As the weather warms up, consider wearing hair accessories that are both stylish and seasonally appropriate. Imagine prancing through a field of wildflowers in a twill silk ribbon tied to your ponytail, rippling in the soft breeze. Or staring cooly ahead in the passenger seat of a convertible, driving down the coast with cat eye sunglasses and a silk scarf tied at the chin. What a mood. 

I’ve been noticing a bit of trend revival with silk hair accessories. The 1960s aesthetic is having a moment, with head accessories at the forefront. In Sofia Coppola’s 2023 film Priscilla, Cailee Spaeny dons a daisy-chain inspired headband with her poofy hair as she plays Elvis Presley’s wife. Our Ribbon Scarf in Cherry Blossoms Matcha would achieve a similar effect—just apply a ton of hairspray if you’re committing to the look. 


priscilla headband and cherry blossoms matcha twilly ribbon scarf for hairstyle



Then earlier this year, Feud: Capote vs. The Swans started streaming on Hulu. Set in 1960s high society, Naomi Watts plays the devastatingly glamorous Babe Paley, who often sports an elegant silk scarf around her head. It’s giving rich divorcée. The key is to choose a silk scarf large enough to fold into a triangle and wrap around your hairline with ample length to tie a relaxed knot. Our Large Silk Scarves have you covered.


centinelle large silk scarves as headscarf

Finally, Apple TV’s buzzy new show Palm Royale is bringing back the colorful bandana headscarf. The show has been described as Mad Men meets White Lotus, with bright colors and prints woven into the characters’ wardrobes. Kristen Wiig’s character, Maxime, especially loves wearing a head bandana scarf and fits right in with fashionable Palm Beach socialites. To get the look, try our Bandanas in cotton silk blend in a lively cucumber or tomato  print.


Centinelle cotton silk bandanas as headscarf Palm Royale style

Have you been noticing the trend in 60s hair accessories? Let us know your favorite way to style them!

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