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Earth day: The flea market and antiques shops, recycle, upcycle and loved again

The art of creating products that can be recycled, upcycled  and loved again and again. 

 Each day the sun rises we make decisions, we choose how we consume and what, that is why so important for me Cris at Centinelle to create sustainable affordable luxury goods, that you'll never want  to throw away and that will be loved forever.

One women's trash is another women's treasure, right?! Antiques and flea markets have been since the beginning great inspiration for me to create; love those corners at the antiques shop full of incredible vintage scarves and retro fabric patterns.



A flea market hero brings the best parts of others’ lives into their own and makes them shine even brighter

There’s a reason vintage markets exist. Our material possessions can say much about who we are. And as time passes by, it’s OK to let go of what no longer serves you to make room for something fresh and technically “secondhand new.” 

Even if you buy things new, you can still hoist the world up on your shoulders. Anything you have should be flea market-able again – let it last forever and make someone else so happy they could scream. 

At Centinelle, that’s what we’re about – we’re a little bit obsessed with creating accessories that speak to you, meant to last forever and (fingers crossed!) be vintage someday. 


Celebrate with Centinelle Earth day, earth month and everyday, we are proud 1% Planet members.

Give treasure hunting a try! I’m sure you’ll find something unique, and you can give it a second life, making your shopping zero waste and sustainable. 

I love it for my home and I also use lots of my antiques stores and flea market treasures to accessorize product shots. 



Summer is coming, warm weather is beaming, and flea markets are calling. Become an Earth advocate and go  shopping for a new life with Centinelle. Be a whirlwind of repurposed fashion with a keen eye for what splashes color on a dull surface. 

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