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Who Else Wants to End Fast Fashion Consumption?

We have the power to end fast fashion - and we should.

If you didn’t know, fast fashion is one of the world’s most destructive industries. It’s built up by companies that underpay their workers, exploit the resources of other places, and sell badly-made clothing to people they convince to follow trends. But that’s not us - and it’s not you, either.

According to the Guardian, a third of young women think that clothes worn more than once are “old.” That’s a direct result of marketing, done by people who don’t want us to notice that the clothes they sell will fall apart if they’re washed more than half a dozen times. 

Fast fashion neglects environmental protections and causes so much pollution. They have to cut costs to sell clothes that cheap - so they use cheap materials and cheap labor, exploiting whoever they can, wherever they can. For more info on how fast fashion is wrecking our planet, check out this link

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Changing the way we shop can end the cycle.     

The tide is turning against fast fashion with the help of fashion-forward, ethical producers and consumers. When you believe in the pieces you’re making, you want them to last forever. So, that’s how we make them! 

Centinelle goes back to the source with ethical, sustainable materials. Our fun, vibrant, patterned silk scarves and loungewear are created in China, silk’s birthplace. We think the country’s rich history of silk creation deserves a little celebration!

Silk is a natural material, and uses less water, chemicals, and energy to make than most other fibers. It’s a renewable resource, and its quality is heralded for a reason - it’s a seriously amazing textile.

And when you treat your employees with fundamental respect and give them the space to create high-quality pieces, it shows. Our stylish pieces are made to be worn over, and over, and over again - enough times to eventually become vintage.

 Strawberries & Foxes Silk Scarf 

Where you shop makes a difference, and we’re laser-focused on being part of the push towards sustainability in the fashion industry. 

We use high-quality eco-friendly dyes and packaging for our stunning, playful silk scarves and loungewear to help us help you be part of the change. 

Even our accessories are made out of a plant-based cellulose acetate - not plastic. So all of our pieces are created using only natural materials. They’re also designed with intention for your sustainable wardrobe.

Lastly, we partner with 1% For The Planet. That means that 1% of every single sale we make goes towards helping the planet become a better place, ending the cycle of destruction and damage that so much of the fashion industry wreaks on our earth. 

and nancy says wearing Sprinkly cactus cotton loungewear set centinelle

@andnancysays wearing Sprinkly Cactus Loungewear Centinelle Cotton Set & Head Scarf 

At Centinelle, we’re all about changing the way you view fashion.

When you can wear pieces of clothing in more settings than one, it helps you keep extra materials and clothes you don’t love out of the landfill. Fast fashion products are made to be thrown away, not loved forever - but ours aren’t. 

Our sustainable cotton loungewear can be worn in the bedroom or at brunch. The styling is all up to you! Mix and match with our timeless silk scarves and bandanas that can be wore in infinitely ways. And reducing the amount of clothing you buy by wearing the same pieces in different settings is all part of building a sustainable future and ending fast fashion. 

We wrote a little bit about how to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe here! It’s a seriously great solution to the influence of fast fashion. 


nikia  madmaven wearing dipsea trail skinny twilly silk scarf

 Nikia @madmaven Wearing Dipsea Trail Twilly Silk Scarf perfect example of how to keep fresh your Capsule Wardrobe adding happy key accessory pieces to your closet classics . 

Little by little, reducing consumption and buying only from ethical, high-quality brands is kicking fast fashion out the door.

Small choices made by planet-friendly people add up to make the difference. There are millions of ways that we can choose to do right by our earth, and changing how we interact with fashion is one of them.

Supporting brands that emphasize ethical practices in dealing with people and the planet is just one step that you can take - and it’s an awesome one, since ethical clothing brands imbue personality into their pieces. Ours happens to be fun, vibrant, colorful, and creative, but there’s something for everyone out there, no matter your personal style. 

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