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6 Fun Ways to Style a Silk Bandana this Summer!

Style is an extension of ourselves. Showcase your unique attitude and channel all things you with a vibrant silk bandana.

We partner with Michelle Allegra @michelleallegraFashion, Travel & Mental Health Blogger, to showcase this fun ways to show your mood and personality while you style your outfits this summer!

Your style has something to say about your personality traits. Let people into your inner thoughts when you flaunt your foulard in a variety of styles and patterns! 

Work (it) to end fast fashion, wear natural materials, and express yourself in our collection of 100% sustainable cotton & silk bandanas. Here’s how to style your silk bandanas in bold and show off your personality: 


1 As a headband to showcase your creative mood.

You don’t have time for hair in your eyes when you’ve got a paintbrush in your hand. Functional and adorable, wearing your silk bandana as a headband is a classic way to show off your creative mood.  

centinelle head band scarf style

2 Around your neck to communicate formality and empowerment.

It gets chilly in your top floor office, and you have no interest in bulking up your blazer with chunky wool. Wear a silk bandana around your neck to bring a pop of color to your high-powered, but effortlessly fashionable, career lifestyle. 

neck scarf style centinelle

3 Pimp your ponytail to embrace your fun and flirty side. 

Let people into your love of self and others when you rock a ponytail accessory. You’re open, outgoing, and can’t say no to a bit of flair. Tying a silk bandana around your ponytail will open up conversations and let you express your favorite qualities. 

centinelle pony tail scarf style

4 Tie a pop of color around your hips to show that you’re not afraid to try new things.

You take risks. You lean into the trends, leading the way to the foremost in fashion. Your courage shows, and you living your best life inspires the others around you to do the same. Make the best of those belt loops and show off your style! 

centinelle scarf belt style


5. Wrapped around your wrist as a reminder that it’s better to be bold than boring 

We love that you can look down and see your bold accessory anytime. Let it keep you pushing the envelope. Your confidence has a life of its own, and you’re capable of anything. This method of wearing your favorite silk bandana screams that to the world. 

wrist scarf centinelle

6. On your head to communicate what you stand for. 

This is one of the most forward ways of wearing a silk bandana. It’s big, bright, and in your face - you can’t miss your self expression. Wear your values with ethical silk and show off your colorful personality with bright bold colors and patterns! (Also, it’s a great way to keep those bangs out of sight on an “I-should-have-washed-my-hair” day. Not speaking from experience or anything.)

head scarf centinelle

We love that style choices can mean so many different things. 

Flaunt your confidence and channel different energies with silk bandanas. 

Let your style speak for itself. There’s no getting put into boxes here, every day could call for a totally different vibe. Just experiment with what feels right! And there’s a ton of options. If you love bold, fun patterns, check out our line of cotton silk bandanas

At Centinelle, we’re all about wearing your values and expressing yourself through style, and we make it easy. 

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P.S. Thanks again Michelle Allegra @michelleallegra for the pictures! 

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