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How to Wear Fashion Trends in a Sustainable Way

We feel our best when we look our best. 

Style is an extension of ourselves. Personality, mood, creativity, all wrapped in how we present outward. It’s time to live this through, intertwining our personal beliefs with our style choices by choosing more sustainable fashion trends. 

Because traditional fashion wreaks havoc on our environment, conscious consumers are turning to more ethical fashion for 2021 and beyond. 

While fashion brands are putting in the work to create and shift to eco-fabrics, change their approach to agriculture, and ensure ethical standards, it’s up to us to make changes to our personal choices. For our part, at Centinelle, we’re putting our best effort into creating vibrant, fun garments and scarves out of ethically sourced, 100% natural silk.

The good news is the brands that deeply consider their impact on fashion are cutting-edge, creating timeless, quality pieces for us to incorporate into our signature styles. Still, it can be hard to know where to start when building your ethical forever wardrobe, so we’ve put together our favorite ways to embrace sustainable fashion trends.

Delve into versatile outfits, made of sustainable fabrics - not polyester or plastics.

Jumpsuits, casual dresses, athleisure, and loungewear all have one thing in common - with the right styling, they can be worn anywhere. 

Trends don’t have to be “trendy” - and the rise in versatile garments meant for capsule wardrobes is a perfect example. 

High-quality, eco-friendly pieces fit seamlessly into the rotation of clothing that makes up your signature style. Accessories are everything, and proper accessorizing is what makes or breaks a trend-setter’s success. 

We’ve written about How to Make Sustainable Loungewear Work for Your Capsule Wardrobe before, and this mindset suits any well-made garments intended for timeless use. 

Champagne victoria wearing neon tigers silk kimono robe

Champagne Victoria @champagneunicorns wearing Neon Tigers Carousel Kimono Robe 

Choosing versatile pieces and styling them thoughtfully with ethical accessories is the first step. But, in order to wear garments multiple times, they have to be well-made. And to properly safeguard the environment, we should steer clear of harmful plastics, polyester, wasteful processes, and unethical practices.

Thankfully, eco-conscious fashion brands have taken this challenge to heart, and there are countless ethical options for gorgeous, made-to-last, sustainable clothing.

There are also bountiful options for guilt-free accessorizing. Work your signature style with standout plastic-free hair accessories, ethical jewelry, and an assortment of fashion-forward shoe styles. It’s all part of the fun!

Strawberry hair barrettes, hair clip, sustainable acetate hair accessory

Jules wearing Strawberry Hair Barrette and Dipsea Trail silk skinny scarf 

Take part in the circular economy. 

Circular economies are built around the concept of a closed loop for resources. The materials used in the first product are ethically sourced or already recycled, and the pieces are then recycled again and again. 

Cutting-edge brands are making this commitment work for them. Some companies lean on recycled metal for jewelry, others reuse and recycle their own scrap fabrics or the scraps from larger brands.

Brands that make the shift to circular economies take their part in the fashion industry seriously, and provide you with gorgeous choices, recycling options, and real consideration towards artistry. 

It can be more difficult to make products out of recycled materials, so forward-thinkers in the fashion industry deeply examine their style, their mission, and your wardrobe. 

Vintage, vintage, vintage. Puffy sleeves and headscarves? Count us in.

Has vintage really ever gone out of style? We’re not sure, but oversized puffy  sleeves tops are making a comeback, along with classic silk head scarves. 

silk head scarf and cotton silk head bandanas, sustainable brand trends

Jen Kilbourne @meerkatconstellations wearing Ginkgo Silk Medium Square Scarf 


Vintage fashion is good news for the environment and for you. By nature, they are made to last - and won’t be made out of cheap, harmful material. 

If you’re someone that loves the hunt, you can try to find these items secondhand! If you’d rather buy new, vintage-style garments, make sure that care, thought, and longevity is at the top of the list for your new piece. 

Since these garments are vintage inspired, you know that they’ll stay in style forever, even if they’re actually new. That means that they’re the perfect choice for your forever wardrobe - as long as you buy from reputable, ethical companies that prioritize natural materials and treasure their art. 

Sustainable fashion trends are only growing more popular - and for good reason. 

With the advent of the climate crisis, everyone is linking arms to make better choices. 

Fast fashion companies rely on cheap labor, unethical business practices, and toxic processes in order to make their “trendy” clothing. It’s produced quickly, marketed and sold quickly, and falls to pieces quickly. 

Sustainable fashion trends reject this old business model and embrace quality materials, capsule wardrobes, and recycled materials. 

We’re trying to be part of the change, and if you’re reading this, that means you are too. 

We value sustainable materials, like our natural silk, plastic-free accessories, and eco-friendly packaging, and planet-first thinking. That’s why we partner with 1% For The Planet, ensuring that a part of all our proceeds goes towards making a difference. 

We’re here to help you develop your signature style and be part of the change. Subscribe to our newsletter below to join us.


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