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The Meaningful Gift Guide to Add a Pop of Fun to Life

My favorite women owned business gift guide!

Buying gifts shouldn’t come as a surprise when it’s a special season, or someone’s birthday, however, when you’re on the lookout for gifts that come with more than just the physical object, you’ll see that gifting is more meaningful than ever.

Supporting ethical and sustainable brands makes a difference to so many people. From the people at the bottom of the supply chain that are paid fair wages, to the people who provide the packaging, to the business owner behind the screen waking up every morning trying to make their business compete with bigger brands.

So with that said, I’ve compiled meaningful gift suggestions to share with you some inspiring stories behind every brand and business owner that is worth admiring and supporting all year long, whether you’re shopping during the holiday season, or for special occasions.

1- Wear Centinelle for adding neon-flavored icing to the vanilla cake of life

Life is about celebration and the good news is that you don’t have to blend in. Whether you’re on the lookout for expressing your style or want someone else to showcase their uniqueness, it’s my mission to make fashion your unique statement. Quirky, sassy, bold, cat mama, you name it, Centinelle has it all for finding the perfect way to express fashion through accessories that add flavor to your style and don’t compromise the planet. 



Shop from our store or check out our Whimsical Gift Guide for every personality here

2- MLE for wearing art out of handcrafted accessories

I love how Elegant and exquisite Emily is in everything she does! From handbags to hair accessories and clothing, each item from this brand is one of a kind. Most of her designs are made to custom order in New York, and to keep things as sustainable as possible she also works with artisans overseas to produce specialty handcrafted items. 

Shop at MLE

3- Bring out your adventurous spirit with Studio Grun

I have several pieces from this brand, they are so beautiful and versatile, it is always so hard to choose just one from all of Tanya's pieces. And why should you? Don’t limit yourself, her style is meant to be layered over and over again, and it’s sustainable all the way because she uses recycled metals and gemstones. 

 studio grun

Shop at Studio Grun

4- Wear your California heart on your sleeves with Woll

From flowery bubbly feelings, Woll’s your choice to wear your feelings with your jewelry. Inspired by California style all the way, you’ll find a cute collection of fruit jewelry, sealife, landscapes, and more. 


Shop at Woll

5- Choose Jenny Lemons to DIY your art

This colorful clothing brand owned by San Francisco-based artist Jennie Lennick offers online art workshops and you can also purchase unique clothing, home decor, wall art, accessories, and everyday essentials. If you’re an independent or creative soul, this site is for you.

Shop at Jenny Lemons

6- KitTea SF Cat Cafe Gift Certificates

This cute cat-friendly is one of my favorite places to be in Sf. Their mission is to maintain their cat sanctuary and rescue felines in order to socialize them and find them homes.  You can get your crazy cat lady or crazy cat man a Gift Certificate from KitTea Sf Cafe that is good for Cat Lounge visits and our curated cat themed gift shop, also check their December Mewvie Nights!, sounds fun, movies and cats!

Shop Kit Tea 

7- For the simple and sophisticated, Suga Jewelry

This brand has unique jewelry designs handcrafted in San Francisco and designed by Suga, AAPI - Japanese. You’ll find just the right balance of metals and colors between her collections making you want to express an elevated style without feeling overwhelmed. Check out her gorgeous jewelry designs.


Shop Suga Jewelry

8- For keeping an eye on your style while you sleep, Sleephammer

I love Maria’s unique sleep masks. Each “Sleephammer” mask is uniquely designed, embroidered, and decorated with quirkiness altogether.  Now you can look pretty while you sleep without losing your sense of style!

Shop Sleephammer

9- For a balance of elegance, utilitarianism, and sentiment, Erin Cuff Jewelry

Erin’s designs are by far a touch of elegant taste that will elevate any outfit and last a lifetime. Her exquisite jewelry collections in gold and silver won’t disappoint you. She sprinkles diamonds and opals in rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. She gets her inspiration from the desert, modernism, mid-century design, folk art, and the southwestern United States. Definitely, lux jewelry to crave for!

Shop Erin Cuff Jewelry

10- Vibrant designs in rich textures, enter Lingua Nigra

This BIPOC owned brand is an excellent choice for making an entrance into any room saying: “I’m here and I’m alive darling”. Lingua Negra means “black tongue”, and the maker Alicia brought life to this brand inspired by nature and a passion to create impactful work in metal hoping to evoke emotions that can be worn every day. Breathtaking is all I have to say.

lingua nigra

Shop Lingua Nigra

11-Hang prisms to elevate any space with Sol Proaño

Handmade to order in New York City, with sustainably sourced metals and low waste practices, this Latina-owned brand will add an iconic and signature item into your home with its unique prisms and wall pieces.

Shop Sol Proaño

12- Your next handbag full of personality is here thanks to Glad & Young Studio

If you’re looking for high-quality leather goods and bags, this brand is for you. Fun-loving, colorful and dreamy designs are sprinkled all over these handbags and accessories. Any product from their shop is exciting to own and empowering to wear.

Shop Glad and Young Studio

13- For fun collectables, Chelsea Makes

Chelsea is a maker right on from the inside out. Her miniatures are great conversation starters and a unique option for giving a gift that no one can compete with. Modern miniatures, wearable art, books, and treasures to keep forever.

Shop Chelsea Makes

14- Pretty, sparkly pins and jewelry with dark undertones, choose Shannon Talbott

Her style is clear and concise, unique and creative. As an illustrator and designer, she features her art in the form of mostly enamel pins. Anyone can experiment with art in truly all its forms, and she does it spectacularly.


Shop Shannon Talbott

15- Patch Ya Later

Just like its name, this Mexican-American brand is all about patching things from crew necks, socks, to elbows with fun designs. When you’re trying too hard to look for that perfect gift, sometimes effortless decisions can create crazy combinations that make fashion statements.

patchya later

Shop Patch Ya Later

16- Tamiko Sidore

This AAPI - Japanese-owned brand has adorable jewelry designs, illustrations and pins that are a great option for anyone who wants to add a pop of fun to their home with a daring illustration on their wall at home.

tamiko sidore

Shop Tamiko Sidore

Make meaningful choices in life and in fashion

You deserve to celebrate your uniqueness every single day, and that means making meaningful choices in everything you do. Don’t be afraid to be the bold one in the room, and choosing unique designs, accessories, fashion, and jewelry will always make you feel more empowered and at your truest self.

Ethical gifting becomes more meaningful when you understand that behind every purchase, you’re actually casting a vote for the type of world you want to see and help build. 

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