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This is not just another manic mom-day

The world is full of stereotypes. And so is motherhood. We were taught to grow up, get a job, get married and have children. But is that fairytale ending for everyone? Not necessarily.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes. I myself am a cat mom! The human urge to nurture, love, and care for something in your life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a human mom. 

The question, “What kind of mom are you?”. What do you love to nurture? What passions in your life feel like your babies? 

We’re celebrating extraordinary mothers of all kinds. Here are some hints to find your fabulous mom personality and get inspired to give yourself a much deserved “I love being a mom” gift. And spoiler alert, you don’t have to be a human mom to celebrate your nurturing side.


Olivia the cat mom.

If you’re like Olivia, you’re the type of gal who houses one or more than 1 cat  in your house (or dogs), and who cares? You’re a superhero for taking care of these lovely creatures and keeping them out of the streets.

Whether you’re not ready to have kids, just not feeling it or like me, you think the current times are not to bring more children to planet earth, people all around the world are deciding to become pet parents

So Olivia doesn't care about not having kids. She actually feels relieved that she has so much quality time for herself or life partner, and she is obsessed with treating her furry friends as human babies. They even have a better bed, food, and elegant accessories:

Kitty approved. Shop the Cat Lovers collection if you’re like Olivia. 


Cat clown cat lady silk scarf



Genevieve the plant mom 

When most women are asked, “When are you having kids?” you can answer with something like: “After I buy my Variegated Monstera and stare at it for a lifetime.”

A new plant in your life means love, joy, inspiration, or a trophy. Plants make you feel alive and that’s fine. We all have different maternal instincts. If you’re the type of person that gets excited when a brand new baby leaf is growing and loves to feel the energy of fertility inside your home, maybe our collection Fresh from the Farmer’s Market will give you an excuse to look stylish in your gardening moments.

Shop our Glowing Chard collection, bananda, silk scarf or hair claws


Emily the project mom. 

Productivity is your middle name. You’re obsessed with being in control. Ever since you were little you were probably the team leader, the one who always wanted to boss people around, and you were badass doing it. People respect you. You have a thing for efficiency, organization, and getting things done.

Your babies are your projects, whether that’s in a creative field or in your workplace. We bow down to you my friend, because the world needs more leaders who treat their projects and passions like babies: with the right amount of love and nurturing until they are fulfilled. 

Whether you’re perfecting your craft or growing your business, this baby is all yours. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into watching it grow, and it’s all going to pay off. You wear the pantsuit (or paint splattered coveralls), and you’re not taking no for an answer. 

So in this case, maybe all that passion project planning works up your appetite from time to time, so why not add some style to your plate while you work on building your dreams?

If you are an Emily our beautiful Twilly Skinny Scarves will make a great touch on your outfit for that important presentation or just even to look like a boss on your zoom calls ;) 

twilly scarves silk scarves


Motherhood is so underrated, so let’s celebrate it with a new perspective 

The idea that the urge to nurture and care for something is only limited to human moms just isn’t in vogue anymore.  Moms of all kinds get to feel proud of their babies – and they should! 

The maternal instinct follows us into all types of motherhood, from cuddling a kitten to hunting down the bottom line. 

This Mother’s Day, celebrate yourself for having a passion for kicking ass and nurturing what you love. Oh, and don’t forget – celebrate your own mom for making someone as great as you ;). 

Give yourself (and your mom!) the gifts you deserve. Shop Centinelle, and check out our Whimsical Gift Guide for ideas.  

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